I offer support in a relaxed atmosphere and a safe environment where you can feel comfortable to deal with problems without being judged. Confidentiality is important to me.
My training also includes Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, and I use Mindfulness principles and practice where appropriate. In my experience practising BrainspottingI have found the technique to been very effective in dealing with most problems but especially with trauma.

My Values and Style as a Marriage and Individual Therapist

As a couple and family therapist, I believe that each person and each couple is doing the best they can with what they have at the moment. I know there is positive growth potential in every human being and that, in spite of how you may feel right now, your relationship has the potential to become a safe haven of support and comfort. I consider same sex couple relationships to be as sacred and as valuable as opposite sex couples.
I focus primarily on listening, respecting, and understanding each person and couple with whom I work. I combine my therapy skills and professional artistry with a loving heart, that will put you at ease and make therapy a comfortable place to begin the changes you desire.
I have the ability to help you overcome negative emotions such as anger, fear and sadness to create positive change. I am committed to helping you to make lasting improvements or to experience “transformation” in your relationship.

Personal Qualities/Strengths

In addition to my role as a marriage and individual therapist, I have a commitment to continue to challenge myself in my personal and professional growth. This includes nurturing my relationships with friends, colleagues and family and opening my heart to others and the world around me. I have a Mindfulness Meditation Practice that improves my attunement to others and my own mind-body processes. I am rooted in a tradition of Christian peace-makingand this helps me towards being loving and respectful of others and our differences.
My marriage relationship provides me with a safe place,and a secure base from which to reach out to others with care and respect. My adult children are always there for me in highs and lows!
Couples Counselling
Individual Counselling
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