Couples Counselling
I am an EFT certified therapist trained by ICEEFT (International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy) and continue with ongoing training and supervision by this institution. My work includes couples in a same-sex relationship.
Relationship advice and strategies for fair negotiation rarely stand up to the strong emotions that blow through couple relationships. During couple therapy, I will work with you to get to the heart of the matter: to that place where you each long to feel connected and fully acceptable to one another. I help you identify your raw spots and to face and change difficult and intense emotions, so that you can save your relationship and protect it for the future.
As an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist, I am insightful and collaborative in working with you to identify the repeated ruts and patterns you are stuck in. Through couple counselling, I help you speak the language of the heart and find the safe haven of love. I help you transform blaming, scolding and silent behaviours that go with difficult emotions such as loneliness, hurt and fear, into tenderness and comfort. Together in couple counselling we can find the love, caring and fun that has been buried under your conflicts and lost in the distance between you.

My Philosophy for Couple Counselling

In couple therapy, I believe in:
  • The worth, dignity and goodness of you and your partner 
  • Your potential to develop a nurturing and caring relationship 
  • The tenderness that exists behind the rigid and negative patterns that may have developed in your relationship 
As a couple therapist, I believe:
  • Relationships are the core of human experience 
  • Your relationship, regardless of how severe your problems are, has potential to become a safe and supportive base and comforting haven. 
  • Like most people who seek couple counselling, your troubled relationship is the result of a broken bond. You need to redevelop the love and trust that used to hold you together. 
  • Couples in distress are like two people lost in the dark without a sense of knowing how to find the other person’s loving heart and believing that the other person no longer cares for them nor understands them. 
You can foster and rebuild a secure, supportive relationship with the help of a couple therapist who understands human bonds and how to work with negative emotions to create positive change.

Goals of Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • To expand and re-organize key emotional responses – the music of the attachment dance. 
  • To create a shift in partners' interactional positions and initiate new cycles of interaction. 
  • To foster the creation of a secure bond between partners. 
If you are at a loss as to how to begin to save your relationship now is the time to meet with a couples or marriage counsellor. If you long to be “Number One” for each other again and to feel the comfort of the other’s arms, contact me to find out how. As a couple counsellor, I can help to open the door to find your lost love and friendship.
“If your partner pleads with you to seek help through couples therapy, you might want to consider it. Perhaps see this as an invitation to uncover and reveal more of who you really are—and to learn how to do so together in a constructive way. It’s difficult to see ourselves and our interactional dynamics clearly without reflections back from a caring guide. I have found the research-based approach of Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (developed by Dr. Sue Johnson) to be particularly beneficial.”